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The Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) is a non-profit community organization that provides holistic social services and education to American Indian women and their families. Established in 1984 by three local Native women and one male Native ally, MIWRC operates on a continuum of direct service, community advocacy, and broader systems-change work to advance racial, social, and economic equity for our target population. Our Mission is to empower American Indian women and families to exercise their cultural values and integrity, and to achieve sustainable life ways, while advocating for justice and equity. Our Vision is to be focused and collaborative leaders in building inter-generational health, hope, cultural prosperity, and education for American Indian families. MIWRC is led by American Indian women on every level – of our 36 current employees (30 fulltime and 6 part-time), 64% are American Indian or American Indian multiracial and 92% are female. Four of MIWRC’s seven (57%) active Board of Directors members are women and one (14%) is gender-nonconforming. Six (86%) are American Indian/American Indian multiracial. As many MIWRC staff members are themselves survivors of boarding school and relocation displacement, intergenerational trauma, and sexual and/or intimate partner violence, “survivor leadership” is an inherent aspect of our agency culture. This ensures that clients receive care and counsel from staff who are skilled in addressing the complex issues many of our families face.

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