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Minnesota Humanities Center

Building a thoughtful, literate, and engaged society.

The Humanities Center offers a new way to think about our future — grounded in the humanities. We help people listen, connect, and understand each other better — because we know isolation and division are dangerous. Using philosophy, literature, art, music, history, language and more — we focus on what unites us not divides us — bringing the humanities out of scholarly institutions and into the lives of everyday Minnesotans.

We view the multiple cultures in Minnesota as an asset and we are using the humanities to bring into public life the stories and experiences of people and communities that have been missing or marginalized.

The Minnesota Humanities Center is:

  • Strengthening teacher-student relationships and supporting exemplary teaching.
  • Honoring the stories and contributions of Veterans.
  • Creating award-winning exhibits, books, and digital resources for all Minnesotans to enjoy.

  • Hosting thought-provoking and creative events led by artists, educators, and community leaders across the state.
  • Fostering deep and lasting partnerships with numerous organizations.

This work is only possible because of you.  Please give generously to support the work of the Minnesota Humanities Center.

Thank you for your support!

Did you know?
  • The Humanities Center won a Midwest Regional Emmy for our 2009 documentary, "Iron Range: Minnesota Building America."

  • The Humanities Center has over 1,000 resources included in our Absent Narratives Resource Collection.

  • The Humanities Center has awarded the Veterans' Voices Award to over 100 Minnesota Veterans in over 60 communities.

  • The Humanities Center has had over 30,000 educators and community members participate in our learning opportunities since 2013.

  • The Humanities Center was founded in 1971 as a state agency and part of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

  • The Humanities Center is also a full-service event center located in the education building of the historic Gillette Children's Hospital on the shores of Lake Phalen in  St. Paul.

  • The Humanities Center's traveling exhibit, "Why Treaties Matter: Self Government in he Dakota and Ojibwe Nations," has been viewed by over 80,000 people since 2011 and is now on permanent display at the Minnesota State Capitol. 

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