Minnesota Food Association

Thank you for supporting new farmers and sustainable agriculture!

The mission of Minnesota Food Association (MFA) is to build a sustainable food system based on social, economic and environmental justice through education and partnerships. 

MFA operates Big River Farms (BRF), a certified organic farm that provides a land-based training program and connections to resources and markets for new immigrant and minority farmers and community members.  Programs include:

  • MFA's Basic Training is a three year program consisting of in-field training, classroom workshops and one-to-one mentorship.    .
  • Whole Farm Management Program participants are growers who have successfully completed the Basic Training Program and continue to farm land at BRF.  They receive more intense one-to-one training on advanced farm management topics, develop their own markets and operate their farms with less staff support.
  • Organic Transitions Program participants have significant farming experience and work with staff to learn and implement organic and sustainable farming practices on BRF land. 
  • Big River Farms Food Hub services are key to the success of BRF farmers.  Big River Farms aggregates much of the 175,000 lbs. of the produce from the growers farming the 29 acres in production in 2014.  BRF has established and serves numerous wholesale accounts.  BRF growers also supply all the produce for the CSA program that serves 240 member households

Please consider giving to Minnesota Food Association!

o   $30 will cover lunch for farmers attending the Immigrant and Minority Farmers Conference, helping to keep this a FREE conference for farmers

o   $50 will cover the cost of one farmer to attend a hands-on workshop on food safety

o   $75 is the cost of a new stirrup hoe and a handheld wire weeder, two basic tools used in organic weed control

o   $100 pays for a stall fee for three weeks at farmers' market, which gives farmers a chance to learn valuable face-to-face sales skills

o   $200 will pay a stipend for a local, expert farmer to host a field day for BRF growers

o   $500 will cover the monthly cost of greenhouse operations, essential for growing in our MN climate

o   $1000 will cover the cost of a monthly BRF Farmer Mentors stipend, where graduates of our programs offer one on one mentorship, training and support to beginning farmers

o   $2500 will help us purchase a new implement for the tractor

o   $10,000 will buy a used, refrigerated delivery truck to ensure our fresh produce is delivered at peak quality

Visit our website at www.mnfoodassociation.org for more information about Minnesota Food Organization!

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