The Minnesota Academy of Science is a statewide organization whose mission is to recognize, promote, and influence excellence in science.


Help the Minnesota Academy of Science raise a total of $10,000 to support FORSE! (Fostering Opportunities & Relationships in Science Education). Thank you to Medtronic, Pentair-Hoffman, our Executive Director, Board President and Board for providing matching funds to support new communities in participating in the Minnesota State Science & Engineering Fair.

FORSE seeks to provide pathways for student populations traditionally underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields to participate in the Minnesota State Science & Engineering Fair and the Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS). The program will connect its participants with professional mentors and resources while students develop their research and prepare for competition. Our state science competitions are very special events where young people have the opportunity to widen their network of like-minded peers and find access to experiences and connections that encourage their commitment to STEM and provide them with the tools and confidence to achieve their ambitions. 

Supporting FORSE participants in achieving success at the Minnesota State Science & Engineering Fair & JSHS is the first step in fostering our participants’ commitment to STEM education and career,   FORSE aims to provide ongoing, multiple-year support and sponsorship to participants by continually helping them on their way to state competitions and to find them the mentors and resources they need. As they learn the rigor, discipline and creative thinking involved in research and presentation, they will grow and flourish. According to the 2016 Minnesota Report Card, only 58% of Minnesota students meet or exceed Academic Standards for math and only 54.2% of Minnesota students meet or exceed Academic Standards for science. Through FORSE and other MAS Educational Programs, we are committed to improving the quality of STEM Education in Minnesota. We observe that once our state competition participants reach graduation point they have discovered their commitment to specific areas of study, built a strong network of support, and had the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards from their research. The goal of FORSE is to provide its participants with the resources and opportunities in STEM that will create a foundation for both academic and professional success.

Cindy Ward-Thompson, Principal at Bdote Learning Center, a Dakota and Ojibwe language immersion school in Minneapolis, says that her school is partnering with FORSE because she's seen the way Science Fairs can make changes in children's lives. "One of my students is working on her Masters of Geology at the University of Minnesota because she learned about her passion for the subject researching for her 9th grade Science Fair project. FORSE will focus on our 6th grade students. They will work with mentors 2 days a week. They'll begin by learning about the scientific method, taking interest inventories and then working toward completion of a project."


How Does Minnesota Academy of Science Make an Impact?

The opportunities provided by MAS and its advisors, judges and donors prepare thousands of Minnesota students of all ages for stronger futures as college students, employees and scientific leaders. MAS programs include the Minnesota State Science & Engineering Fair, North Central Regional Junior Science & Humanities Symposium, High School and Middle School Science Bowls, High School STEM Communicator Award for research papers, and the Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium. 

  • It was very gratifying to see my hard work culminate in a chance to share my knowledge and findings with judges, peers and community members. "Geneveve W., Golden Valley"
  • I hope you all continue to fund Science Fair in Minnesota and help spark the imaginations of thousands of students to solve problems in innovative ways. Because I can guarantee that this program can make a difference for students. "Charles O., Elk River"
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