Minneapolis Urban League

MUL confronts inequalities and promotes civil rights by focusing on economic empowerment as the driver of social change for people of color

For nine decades, the Minneapolis Urban League has confronted inequalities, fought injustice, and promoted civil rights.  In addition to our legacy of advocacy, today we focus on economic empowerment as a key driver of social change for the African American community. Our initiatives train and connect people to employment opportunities, raise public awareness of social injustice, and promote efforts to strengthen the economic vitality and prosperity in our cities' poorest communities.

In recent years, boundaries between public (government), private (business), and social (nonprofit) sectors have blurred.  Social, human-development, economic, and environmental aims have begun to blend with business approaches.  While the needs of MUL clients have increased, our resources have decreased, The best chance of achieving sustainable social impact is through collaborative partnerships and sound business practices.  The MUL is positioned at the intersection of the public, private, and social sectors.

The MUL's approach is to reduce poverty and disparity through integrated offerings -- specifically, skills for social enterprise, integrated career pathways, and credentialed, focused employability training.  To achieve this vision, the Minneapolis Urban League operates within a Gateway to Opportunity framework comprised of four essential components:  Health and Wellness, College Readiness & Career Development, Workforce Solutions and Wealth Accumulation.

With the financial support of public and private donors for its innovative programs, the Minneapolis Urban League can unlock a gateway of opportunity for the Twin Cities--and all of Minnesota--to thrive across all racial, social and economic levels.  With your help, the MUL can continue to be a catalyst for growth and prosperity in the Twin Cities.
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