Minneapolis Urban League

We are unapologetic and relentless advocates for equity, justice and power for African descendants.

An equitable society can be realized. We envision a future in which African descendants are fully engaged, empowered and invested in the success and well-being of the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

We believe...
  • The cultural heritage and assets of people of African descent are a rich resource of creativity, power and beauty.
  • To become influential stakeholders in the economy, African descendants must strive for and achieve economic empowerment and self-sufficiency to build wealth that can be passed on generationally.
  • Change in our personal lives, families and communities is not enough. A profound and systemic transformation is necessary.
  • Unity among African descendants and collaboration across race and culture will accelerate the transformation we seek.

Minneapolis Urban League has a vital role as advocate and thought leader for issues affecting African descendants in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.
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