Minneapolis Theodore Roosevelt High School Foundation

Minneapolis Roosevelt Foundation helps Roosevelt students via scholarships and funding projects and activities.

The purpose of the Roosevelt Foundation is to help Roosevelt students. The Foundation does this in three ways:

* giving scholarships to bright, but needy grads who want to go to college;

* helping teachers and other staff members fund special projects to make their classes or activities better; and

* helping students and staff with extracurricular activities.

This academic year, the Roosevelt Foundation awarded around $35,000 worth of grants to Roosevelt teachers for the betterment of teaching and learning.  Awards included the purchase of cameras for yearbook staff (students),books to supplement curriculum,  creative arts material, much needed athletic equipment & camps for athletes, support for our very popular theater program, field trips and even money toward a travel abroad trip to France for our French class students.  All the recipients were grateful beyond belief!

Later this Spring, the Roosevelt Foundation will award scholarships to students.  

The grants and scholarships would not be possible if it were not for people like you giving to a great school. The Foundation thanks you for your generosity!

Visit us at http://roosevelthighfoundation.org/

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