Midwest Food Connection

Give the Gift of Food Education

At Midwest Food Connection, we excite children about healthy foods through storytelling, drama, art, gardening, and cooking. And do they get excited! A boy at Brimhall Elementary once exclaimed, "I didn't know the inside of a beet was purple!" And a third grader at Hamline Hancock told one of our educators that the handmade past they cooked was "the bomb dot com." Finally, a parent wrote to us, "My first grader came home telling me about a salad he made in class and then offered to make our dinner salad this evening. Great stuff!"

We provide the knowledge, positive experiences, and tools to empower young people to make healthy decisions. Our students come home asking their families for cilantro, peppers, leeks, and beets. “The parents of our kids say they want to grow tomatoes,” one classroom teacher told us, “They never want tomatoes!

Elementary students receive an average of just 3.4 hours of food and nutrition education a year. That's about half a day's worth of school, out of 176 total school days each year. Help us achieve our mission to bring more "educational adventures in food, cooking, and gardening to children and their families" by supporting our work.

Every kid deserves this kind of education. Show our students you care about their healthy minds and bodies by giving the gift of food education. By investing in our students, you support the next generation of conscientious eaters, farmers, chefs, and food lovers.

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