Midwest Food Connection

Valentines for Veggies

Show Our Students Some Love! 

We receive many thoughtful and caring letters from our students. Through drawings of fruits and veggies, colorful hearts, and earnest writing, they show us their appreciation for the food that we shared together and their newfound interest in cooking and gardening.

We invite you to show our students the love in return! This Valentine’s season, help us to show our children that we care about their healthy minds and bodies by donating to Midwest Food Connection. Every year, we receive requests for us to teach in schools that cannot pay for our lessons. The money you give directly enables us to bring food education to these underserved schools. 

This winter, we have the joy of teaching kids a series of lessons called “Gifts from Many Cultures.” In this unit, we discuss the fruits, vegetables, and dishes that have been brought here by immigrants and refugees -- hearing a story about the discovery of grains, tasting traditional bean dishes, tracing the history of the potato, and trying fruits from around the world. Through the lens of food, we ask our students to embrace all cultures. “We’re not only increasing children’s exposure to more healthy food,” executive director Uli Koester has said, “we’re also showing them how to be sensitive to other cultures and be aware of where our food is coming from.” Whether tasting a seaweed salad, trying the Indian dish of dhal, or biting into a Mejdool date, our students learn to hold up multiculturalism as a gift. 

Every kid deserves this kind of education. Show our students some love by giving the gift of food education. By investing in our students, you support the next generation of conscientious eaters, farmers, chefs, and food lovers. And with your donation, we’ll send you a “growing healthy eaters” pin and handwritten thank-you from one of our students! We thank you.

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