Sheltering domestic violence victims and their children, helping them stay safe and start new lives since 1978

YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!  We have a passion for this community. With your help we can bring safety and security to victims and families affected by domestic violence. With your donation we can give them shelter, food, clothing and time to find their new path. The Mid-Minnesota Women's Center has been empowering men, women and children through a variety of programs since 1978. Our contributions to the community include: • A Shelter for housing women and children fleeing domestic abuse. • A Child Safety Center for safe visitations and exchanges •Creating partnerships with schools and other organizations interested in promoting positive social change. • Educating professional and the general public about the effects of violence on our community. Please donate on this page for general assistance in all of our projects!

o   Our first program is a 24-hour emergency shelter for battered women and their children. We will house men affected by domestic violence in a motel. In addition to physical safety, the shelter provides 26 beds in 6 rooms for housing, personal advocacy, information and referral, weekly support groups, and education for the larger community about violence and its effects. Our 24-hour staffed phones provide help to men and women who experience domestic abuse in all of its forms. Please donate through the Shelter Project below!

o   Our second program is the Alex & Brandon Child Safety Center. Opened in 2000, the Safety Center offers a safe and kid-oriented environment where families in crisis can visit with each other under supervision by trained staff. Family members who have unsupervised visits with their children but are experiencing conflict over visitation can also exchange their kids at the Center without having contact with each other. Please donate through the Alex and Brandon project page below!

This year, with the community's help, at the shelter we have replaced a falling down fence, repaved our parking lot and put in a new ADA ramp, put bullet proof film over our windows, gotten our ceiling insulation replaced, gotten a new van, and cleaned up trees around the property.

At the Alex and Brandon Child Safety Center we have a beautiful new kitchen for visiting families to prepare meals, and sit down as a family to play board games, and we have also updated our security system.

We value our community support beyond measure. You keep our doors open, and help provide families with safety. You are the most important part of our mission!

I wanted to share with you a letter that one family gave the Women's Shelter when they found a new home to move in to.

"To the women of the Mid-Minnesota Women's Center,

We have been through a lot together, but from the respect, honor, and love that myself and family have found in all of you, have restored our faith and trust in people and in the human heart of so many of you. We thank you for allowing us to reside in your facility for many months and your unwithering faith that we would move on to greener pastures. I and my family will carry this experience everywhere we go and will love you all as family."

Never forget, your donations help real families, in real crisis. You are part of our great family!

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