Metro Deaf School

Teaching our Deaf and Hard of Hearing children today, so they can be global citizens tomorrow!

In 1992, a small group of parents and teachers, taking advantage of the nation’s first charter school law, worked together to create Metro Deaf School. This was a dream come true; a place where their Deaf and Hard of Hearing children could learn from their surroundings, in an environment where everyone communicated with American Sign Language, their native language.

Since those small beginnings, Metro Deaf School, supported by it’s authorizer University of St Thomas, has grown to serve Deaf and Hard of Hearing students throughout the metro area and western Wisconsin in Early Childhood (Pre- K) through Post-Graduation Transition programs (12+).

MDS’ early childhood special education program begins at age 2.6 yrs.  MDS offers sign language classes for families, family education nights, an extensive extra-curricular program for all ages of students, mainstreaming opportunities at a neighboring high school as well as transition classes for high school students who need a more solid foundation prior to graduation.

MDS students enjoy learning in an environment with peers who share the same language, American Sign Language (ASL).  Students are educated through a “regular education” curriculum comparable to that of any hearing school. Unique learners have the curriculum modified to ensure success.  A rigorous curriculum well prepares MDS graduates for college and beyond.  MDS boasts a 100% graduation rate with 92% of its students continuing on into post-secondary institutions.

Proud of its legacy, Metro Deaf School continues to provide an education that empowers its students to develop the skills and knowledge to succeed as global citizens. Through the support of our staff, parents and community, Metro Deaf School strives to live out the dream of those parents and teachers, who started the school over 20 years ago! 

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