MacPhail Center for Music

Where There's Music, There's MacPhail!

Established in 1907, MacPhail Center for Music is the nation’s oldest and largest community-based music education non-profit.  Committed to transforming lives and enriching the community through exceptional music learning, MacPhail serves 16,000 students across the state. 

MacPhail offers music learning for all experience levels and ages; six weeks to over 100 years old.  MacPhail’s diverse programming includes:

  • Individual lessons and group lessons 
  • Sing Play Learn with MacPhail™ (early childhood music) 
  • Music therapy 
  • Suzuki teaching method 
  • MacPhail Music for Life (music for adults 55+) 
  • Online lessons 
  • Community partnerships

A large portion of the student body is found in 127 community partnerships throughout Minnesota.  MacPhail reaches 9,000 students with tailor-made programming for schools and other organizations.  MacPhail provides access to music learning by breaking down geographic, socio-economic and perception barriers that prevent people from experiencing the joy of music making and learning. 

Donors help MacPhail extend $1.2 million in financial aid to individuals and organizations annually.  Help provide financial assistance to those in need, so they too can partake in music learning.

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