Today I danced with my friends, painted a garden, picked leaves in a forest, performed in a play, and prayed at lunch. How about you?

Love to Grow On, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, was created in 1998 to provide a full-day faith-based childcare option to working families with children 6-weeks through age 12. Our goal is to provide children an optimal early childhood education while supporting and encouraging parents.

Does Love To Grow On offer quality care and education? Yes! Love To Grow On is Accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and our centers have the highest possible Four-Star Parent Aware Rating!

What makes Love To Grow On different from other childcare centers?

We find joy in experiential learning and understand that providing the best hands-on learning opportunities can be messy business! We believe children's questions, discoveries, and understanding emerge through their involvement with nature and open-ended materials; while exploring the arts; when engaged in physical activity; and during daily outdoor exploration.

We Help Children Develop a Lifelong Love for Learning! We believe children develop critical skills, the ability to problem solve, and the desire to "dig deeper" when they are active participants who question, explore, and experiment. Inspired by Reggio Emilia, we help children express themselves by introducing them to an array of high-quality art mediums, and experiences in gardening, story-telling, music, dance, and drama.

We are an Equal-Opportunity Provider! We welcome families receiving childcare assistance. Families do not pay for field trip, activities, or enhancements. We want to ensure every Love To Grow On child is offered the same opportunities and experiences. 

We are Family Focused! We believe that children develop the best outcomes when we partner with parents. To support the families in our community Love To Grow On offers free Parenting Classes and hosts many family events throughout the year.

We are a Non-Denominational Christian Based Program! There are many part-day Christian preschool programs, but it is rare to find a full-day Christian based childcare center for working families. At Love To Grow On our ultimate goal is that God's presence is felt in every aspect of our program. 

  • With your help, we can provide FREE parenting workshops to the families in our community. Together, we can help build and support healthy families! 
  • With your help, we can ensure all children attending Love To Grow On experience FREE enrichment opportunities that they might otherwise miss out on!
  • With your help, we can retain our excellent teachers, support their professional growth and empower them to help each child reach his or her full potential!


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