The LILA Foundation supports the future of Lakes International Language Academy by maintaining an endowment to enhance educational programs.

Dear LILA Parents, Alumni and Friends,

Lakes International Language Academy began when we dreamed of a school for our children that could contribute to the world community with bilingual graduates worthy of the International Baccalaureate credentials.

Today, we're so much closer to the dream than we ever could have imagined in 2004, when Lakes International Language Academy first opened. We have grown from 177 students in 2004 to 874 in 2015.  We have added Mandarin Chinese as an immersion option in 2010.  We have opened a fee based preschool program giving 3-5 year old children exposure to both Spanish and Chinese in 2014.  We have expanded to three campuses opening a beautiful new building in 2015.  We have added grades 7-8 opening registration to all students regardless of their second-language proficiency! These students are on the road to becoming bilingual, while our K-5 graduates have the opportunity to begin their third and fourth languages.   We have plans to open grades 9-12 in Fall of 2016 with dreams of hosting international students right in Forest Lake.  As you can see, LILA is not the only thing that has grown, our dream of what is possible has grown as well!

Indeed, few public schools anywhere in the world can claim so many impressive accomplishments, from earning multiple state Finance Awards to receiving one of the largest federal grants ever awarded under the Foreign Language Assistance Program, which enabled us to introduce Mandarin Chinese. LILA has received consistent local and national press coverage-as far away as the Wall Street Journal, and many of our staff members have been selected to present at international conferences and invited by prestigious organizations to travel to places such as China to study instructional best practices and exchange knowledge.

But to fully realize our vision, Lakes International Language Academy students, graduates, and staff must be able to learn and teach here and abroad without concerns about funding.  Even though LILA is a public school, it does not receive the same public funding as our neighboring district.  On average, we receive over $2000 less PER STUDENT each year.  LILA has an astounding track record of doing amazing things with less and for that we are grateful.  We would like to level the playing field to see what more is possible, and to compensate our talented teaching staff in a manner that neighboring district do.  

That's why the LILA Foundation has been formed. The foundation's mission is "to establish and maintain an endowment, which will be used to enhance the quality of education for LILA students, teachers and alumni."  The foundation helps provide funds for programs or materials not included in the school's necessarily lean budget. But we need your help.

Please contribute and support the Lakes International Language Academy Foundation. Right now, every penny becomes "seed money" to help us achieve our dream of financial independence.

Thank you,

Mark Martin, Chair

LILA Foundation

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