Join us in promoting resilience in kids

“All parents want their children to strive to be the best.” Jackie, Lifetrack participant
At Lifetrack, our vision is that all families in Minnesota are empowered to reach their full potential. We believe that when this happens, our communities benefit – it makes for improved health, happiness and opportunity all around. Many people have networks of support through their families, schools, employers, community organizations and friends. But some people have very few or none of these connections. That’s where Lifetrack steps in – to help families build resilience to power through life’s challenges.
Parents join with Lifetrack's Families Together program because they are seeking the best for their children. They are often challenged by generational poverty and the barriers that arise from that: homelessness, mental illness, domestic violence, trauma, etc. When children spend their early years in communities and homes where life is full of unexpected changes or crises -- the chronic stress they feel can wreak havoc on a child’s ability to learn. On an emotional level, kids are constantly on the lookout for threats, which can cause defensive impulses towards hitting and acting out. On a cognitive level, stress can disrupt functions like the ability to concentrate on a task, understand directions and pick up language skills.
That’s why Lifetrack’s Home Visiting and Therapeutic Preschool are so effective. When parents get support to create stable, nurturing home environments, their children’s stress levels decrease, they gain emotional stability, and their resilience improves.
Social and emotional well-being, weaved together with academic skills are critical for all kids to do well in school. Lifetrack works together with each family to be the web of support every family needs. The result: 96% of our preschoolers graduate meeting age-appropriate developmental milestones. 
We are the only program of our kind in Ramsey County that focuses on building kids’ resilience through Home Visiting and a Therapeutic Preschool. With your generous gift, we can reach more children and be a vital connection for more families. As a Lifetrack supporter, you can be a champion for a stronger, more compassionate community. Thank you.
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