Protecting the Water, Woods, and Wildlife in North Central Minnesota for Future Generations to Enjoy.

You Can Help Save the Places And Experiences You Love ...

Fishing, boating, summer sunsets, the cry of the loon; Recreating childhood memories and new family experiences that last a lifetime; and Treasured crystal clear waters and pristine forests.   

To insure that future generations can still enjoy the beautiful resources of the Leech Lake Watershed and surrounding region of North Central Minnesota, we must protect the most sensitive  fish and wildlife habitats and water quality now.  Since 1992, LLAWF has protected over 20 miles of critical shorelands and over 2,240 acres of crucial habitat land. research has demonstrated that protecting 75% of a watershed  will insure our lakes and rivers remain clean and healthy, able to better withstand the stressors of development, a changing climate, invasive species, and other environmental threats.  

Why Now? Population growth is projected for northern Minnesota.  Protecting the "most critical" of the undeveloped shorelands now will insure quality resources later.

Why Give? To enhance the quality of life for current and future generations; to maintain property values, recreational opportunities, and community economic viability; and to preserve our natural heritage in North Central Minnesota.

Your donation will support: 

--Land protection projects for sensitive shorelands, tullibee or cisco cold-water refuge lakes, and critical habitat lands.   Your donation will be leveraged with state Legacy Outdoor Heritage funds that provide financial incentives for willing, conservation-minded landowners who want to protect the natural qualities of their land. 

--Partnerships with lake associations; local, state, and federal government agencies; and community organizations to maximize the protection of critical natural resources.

 Thank you for your support!


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