Laura Baker School Association

We are a superior provider of housing, educational and support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Understanding that the needs of each individual are unique, we empower families to choose from a continuum of care that will support their loved ones in leading fulfilling lives. This year, we've placed special emphasis on raising money to support our Fund-A-Cause effort. Through this effort, we are serving our clients and families in three important ways: 

  • Pathways to the Future   
We're serving as a voice for people with disabilities and engaging the community in advocating for policies that ensure: People with developmental disabilities have access to housing, including housing with necessary supports; Families have access to adequate respite resources; The industry is able to attract and retain a highly engaged, well-educated workforce by providing adequate reimbursement in order to assure the highest quality care.
  • Creative Arts
We're using art and music as nonthreatening creative tools so that clients can focus on developing physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills. Our creative arts programming serves as a catalyst to enrich the individual and community life of clients and staff by providing opportunities to make art and learn from each other through shared creative experiences.
  • Family Support Services
Our home at 211 Oak Street in Northfield is serving as a central meeting point for individuals who have a loved one with a disability to get support. We see the invisible world of families raising children with special needs and want to help by offering respite for parents and caregivers at monthly events and through parent meetings.
Read more about our current outreach efforts by reading our In Community blog:

In Community sheds light on the many issues and challenges people with intellectual and developmental disabilities face in their journey to leading fulfilling lives. It also focuses on LBSA's efforts to build a supportive community that embraces all people. 

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