Income level has nothing to do with how much you love your pet!

You can help improve the lives of animals on the Lake Traverse Reservation! 

Finances are often the single biggest thing that dictates how much veterinary care an animal gets or doesn't get.   We have many low income families in our area, that just can't afford to spay/neuter and get vaccines. You can make a difference in an animals life by donating a vaccine, or the cost of a surgery. With your help, we've been able to almost eradicate parvo on the reservation. We have been able to control the animal population, so we haven't had the tragedies that have happened on other reservations. But, we need to stay diligent in our efforts. We have to continue to provide this valued service to our community.   

Animals play a significant role in Native American culture.  We know that many people in our community really love their pets.  Dogs and cats are part of their families.  We want to make sure these pets have long and healthy lives.  You can help us do that, by helping to fund veterinary services for animals in need.

The Lake Traverse Reservation covers 1500 sq miles on the borders of Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.  To date, we've fully vetted 1522 animals that live on the reservation.  We've removed over 2700 unwanted animals, many of those are puppies and kittens from unwanted litters.  

Thank you for your generosity!


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