Contributions help us help Koochiching County's older adults live independent, socially engaged and healthy lives in a supportive community.

Koochiching County is an aging community with increasing needs for services. We are there to help.

An individual, a family member or a friend of an older person may call us or stop by. They may be considering their own future needs. They may be looking for services to help them face day-to-challenges. They may themselves need help as they provide care to an older relative or friend. We listen; we help weigh options; we plan, we encourage use of resources.

Through programs we run, we provide, for example, direct consultation to caregivers; we assign Senior Companions; we offer rides to out-of-town medical appointments and more. More broadly, we gather information about Koochiching County while educating residents about issues of aging.

We are an independent, nonprofit organization taking responsibility for the well being of our treasured elder residents.

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