KFNA demonstrates and encourages neighborhood leadership, provides a forum for community participation, and promotes the neighborhood vision

November 2017

Dear Kingfield Neighbor—

There are a lot of needs in this world and we know that Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) isn’t the biggest one. The board’s energy, time, and money are being spent in our relatively small neighborhood, engaging residents and businesses in activities, issues, and solutions working on the biggest idea of all: making sure each and every person feels some level of connection to someone, or something. The goal of which is to have each person feel they are a valuable part of moving our collective community toward a more just, and engaged, position in this world.

This past year we have seen so many people inspired to action and we hope that you are actively engaged directly in work with local organizations that deal with immigrant and women’s rights, gender and racial equality, affordable home and health access, and fair and humane treatment for all species and our earth. These are the issues that KFNA cares about as well. They are what we spend our time and money on as we work to connect neighbors to issues, causes, and organizations that are making an impact. Here at the neighborhood level, we do feel that we are the most qualified to take neighbor’s hands and help lead them onto a path of greater involvement in our society.

•         In our neighborhood we are constantly creating new, fun, and creative ways for neighbors to come together. Think of Election Day Polling Parties, Get Out the Vote reminders, Empty Bowls, PorchFest, Garden Tours, Open Streets, and the Community Outdoor Oven Pizza Parties. Through these activities KFNA is addressing issues of food and housing access, affordability, homelessness, as well as building community and strengthening local relationships between neighbors and other local nonprofits.

•         In City, County, and Statewide matters, we ensure that Kingfield has a seat at the table and a voice in the debate.  Think of the Southside Neighborhood 2017 Mayoral Forum, Reopen Nicollet, the redevelopment of the 40th Street Pedestrian as an artful bikeway and part of the RiverLake Greenway, and both 2020 and 2040 City planning and surveying. Through KFNA’s involvement on broader initiatives such as these we assure that the community’s desires and needs aren’t left out of the planning or implementation of these projects.

Because of this work on behalf of our neighborhood, we are writing to ask you to support KFNA with a tax-deductible financial donation.

KFNA runs a pretty bare bones operation. The Board of Directors and committee members do not receive financial compensation for their work in the community.  The Board Members and other volunteers are coordinated by only two part-time, paid staff. This structure is designed to take advantage of the time, talents, and interests of residents in the neighborhood, as well as provide a place for people to test their leadership muster.

Your contribution to the Kingfield Neighborhood keeps this work happening in your community.  You can do a one-time donation by mailing a check directly to us, or donate via Razoo, a safe online nonprofit giving tool, which is linked from our website at   You can also consider becoming a sustaining member this year with a monthly recurring donation at a set amount. We have giving levels to fit the needs of many different neighbors including:

•         The Kingfield Block Builder at $5 per month

•         The Good Neighbor at $10 per month

•         The Kingfield Leader at $15 per month

•         The Community Builder at $20 per month

•         The Kingfield Neighborhood Hero at $50 per month or more!

KFNA is working to connect each and every neighbor at the utmost local level into an action or cause because we know each person being part of the solution is what it is going to take to create a One Minneapolis / One Minnesota / One United States.  And it can begin at the local level in every community.

Thank you for your time, energy and interest in Kingfield Neighborhood and the Kingfield Neighborhood Association. It is you, the residents of Kingfield, that make this organization and neighborhood amazing!

Thankfully—Your Kingfield Board of Directors

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