Jacobs Well

Bringing God's scattered people together as one in Christ and sending them out, for the sake of the world and the glory of God.

Jacob's Well is a new kind of church. One that wants to be all about the movement of God's grace that we see through Jesus' love in our world. We want to be about that, not the institution. That's why no building. We are willing to be portable and on the move when we need to be to make it clear to us, to you, and to God that it's not about the building, but about the people. Our theology is the grace-filled, inclusiveness that the ELCA (that's Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) embraces, but freed up from the traditions that have become obstacles for more people than they have become bridges for. We like to say that we are part of the ELCA-U. That's the ELCA-Unleashed. We are proud to be part of a church body that is doing as much good in the world as the Lutheran Church is, and that is willing to take risks like Jacob's Well in order to discover what the church of the 21st century might look like.

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