Transforming Lives Through Homeownership!

West Hennepin Affordable Housing Land Trust (WHAHLT) dba Homes Within Reach (HWR) is a nonprofit organization, who's mission is to create  and preserve affordable homeownership opportunities for working households in suburban Hennepin County, by using the Community Land Trust (CLT) practice to allow qualified families to purchase the house alone and lease the land at a nominal fee. The result is offering homeownership opportunities for working families that would be otherwise unable to become homeowners in the suburbs of Hennepin County.

HWR has assisted 148 families become homeowners in the suburbs of Hennepin County.   One of those families is Dan and Kathy, “We knew we needed to move, but wanted to be sure it was a safe area.  When we drove through this neighborhood, we know we had found our home,” said Dan.  “I do not know what we’d have done without HWR.  Our daughter now has a brighter future,” added Kathy.  Another family purchased a three-bedroom rambler from HWR, in a quiet , safe St. Louis Park neighborhood.  Kirbi shared that becoming a homeowner has helped her whole family, not just her and her two young kids.   She said " We had about thirty friends and relatives over for Thanksgiving last year - every room in the house was filled with love and laughter.  Community and personal relationships are what’s most important to me, and now I have the freedom pursue those goals,” she said.  As part of that commitment, she was recently elected to the HWR board of directors, and is eager to contribute.  “I’m learning a lot more about what it takes to make affordable homeownership viable in our communities,” she said.

Support from the community is critical to meeting HWR’s vision of “transforming lives through homeowership”. Private donations play an essential role in helping fulfill the HWR mission.  Gifts made through Give MN provide Homes Within Reach the assistance to help work-force families become homeowners.  Your contribution makes a difference to those HWR serves - like Dan & Kathy and Kirbi!


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