Minnesota Homeownership Center

Smart Choices. Vibrant Communities

Successful homeownership is at the heart of thriving, vibrant communities. People and families rely on long-term homeownership as a key asset for building wealth, and communities of successful homeowners are safer, healthier and more civically engaged than majority-renter communities.

That’s why the Minnesota Homeownership Center has dedicated 24 years to making successful homeownership possible for low- and moderate-income people across Minnesota. Over the years, the Center has helped more than 200,000 people make smart choices around buying or keeping their homes – and bolstered vibrant communities across Minnesota in the process.

What We Believe:

The Minnesota Homeownership Center’s work is grounded in three core beliefs about the value of homeownership for families and communities statewide:

  1. Stability. Homeownership at its best provides people and families a constant place to return to, and helps communities thrive with assurances of trusting neighbors.
  2. Legacy. Successful homeownership provides families with an undeniable asset to pass on to their children, and a powerful legacy of confidence and accomplishment to pass on, too.
  3. Community. Homeowners are more involved in their schools, their neighborhoods and their local businesses than renters. Supporting smart, sustainable homeownership choices – and the commitment they create – helps create thriving, vital communities.

What We Do:

Every day, the Minnesota Homeownership Center lives out our mission to promote and advance successful homeownership through our work:

Offer Unbiased Information And Education.

The Center is a national leader in developing courses, tools and resources for homeowners considering buying a home or facing foreclosure. Working with a network of more than 45 nonprofits and local governments, the Center’s high-quality curriculum and personalized counseling services are available one-on-one or in small groups, both in person and online.

Share Lessons and Research With Colleagues and Communities.

Our work with nonprofits, local government and industry partners across Minnesota gives the Center a unique perspective on the trends and experiences of homebuyers and homeowners.

Build Innovative Partnerships.

The Center has expanded its partnership work by contributing statewide experience data, homeownership perspective and convening support to coalitions working to close the homeownership gap, support asset-building and more.

Learn more at www.hocmn.org

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