Hamline Midway Coalition (HMC) is an action oriented, neighborhood-based organization that develops and supports resident-led initiatives.

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As the only nonprofit organization working year round to make Hamline Midway the best possible place to live, learn, work and play, we need your support to better our community.

Hamline Midway is a forward-thinking community where neighbors are connected and engaged, businesses are locally owned and community-oriented, and there is a prevailing sense of place and belonging.

The continued success and growth of the Hamline Midway neighborhood would not be possible without the generous spirit of community members who donate time, energy, and money to their neighborhood.  With your support, we will continue and expand our work to ensure that:

  • Our community character is maintained by our involvement in development decisions;
  • Our environmental amenities are preserved and enhanced;
  • Homes are available for residents of all ages, incomes, and lifestyles;
  • Transportation choices exist for walkers, bikers, drivers, and transit riders that are safe, convenient, and attractive;

Donations from residents and local businesses play an important role in determining the scope and focus of our work. The more you can give, the more we can do to benefit our community. We hope you will consider a generous donation to our work and your community.


Together We Can Make Hamline Midway…

Vibrant—By supporting neighbor-lead efforts like the Midway Murals project, we can bring new life and energy to our community. Whether it’s by serving as fiscal sponsor, providing communications and technical assistance, or generally helping organize, develop and implement projects and initiatives, we work to help make your dreams and passion for our community become reality.  

Livable—By being involved in development and transportation decisions that shape our community. Through our committees and Board, we offer neighbors the opportunity to meaningfully participate in the processes and decisions that make Hamline Midway grow, develop and succeed. From the reconstruction of Snelling Ave. to the exciting development at the old American Can Building on Prior Ave., our involvement in important decisions ensures Hamline Midway prospers while maintaining the community character we all love and enjoy.     

Fun – By organizing annual events that celebrate our community. We love to bring neighbors together to celebrate everything that makes Hamline Midway great. More than 900 neighbors came out to enjoy the festivities at our Spring Festival in June. We’ve already signed up close to 30 local businesses for the first-ever Midway Holiday Pop-up Shop to take place on November 28 at Celtic Junction, which will include live music, arts activities, a bake sale, and Santa Clause, himself. 

Resilient—By bringing neighbors together to plan for the future. The resiliency of any community is, in large part, determined by the degree to which neighbors are connected to each other and to the neighborhood at large. Through programming like the Ready & Resilient Hamline Midway workshop series, block clubs, volunteer facilitation and relationship brokering, we work hard to make sure you feel connected to each other and to the broader community, thereby ensuring Hamline Midway remains resilient into the future.

Sustainable—By coordinating and supporting projects that protect our environment and make it easier to be good stewards of our natural resources. From the Hamline Midway Rain Garden Initiative, to working to transform the basin at Pierce Butler and Snelling Ave into an urban meadow oasis, we recognize that big environmental impact begins at our front doors. In 2016, we’ll also be starting a Hamline Midway Environment Committee to supplement the work of the Hamline Midway Environmental Group.

Transportation Oriented—by ensuring there are ample safe routes and connections in the neighborhood whether you walk, bike, drive or take public transit. A diverse community like Hamline Midway requires diverse transportation options. Through the work of our Transportation Committee and other efforts like the St. Paul Healthy Transportation For All project, and the Friendly Streets Initiative, we continue to work hard to make Hamline Midway a regional transportation hub. From the Green Line to the Charles Avenue Bike Boulevard; from the coming Bus Rapid Transit Line to improved infrastructure and pedestrian safety amenities on Snelling Ave, making sure you have options for traversing in and around the neighborhood is essential to building a vibrant and livable community.

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