Great River Family Promise

We are in desperate need of a van

Friends and supporters,

Every day children in our community go to school without knowing where they are going to sleep that night.  That's where Great River Family Promise comes into play.  With the support of the Executive Director, Case Manager, and Volunteer Coordinator, families are put on the right track to finding steady employment and secure housing.  GRFP provides transportation to families in our program from the Day Center to Host churches where families spend the night. We currently have an old 15 passenger van that was donated to us 5 years ago from a school district that had retired it from it's fleet. The van is nearing 200,000 miles. Two weeks ago it was vandalized and the catalytic converter was stolen off of it. We are already spending precious program dollars on repairs for the van and the theft just added another costly repair. The van is necessary to the work that we do. We are working with a local car dealership to get us a newer ( used) van. By donating to Give to the Max Day, you will be helping families in your community get the support they need to be independent. Please give generously! 

Personal Story--

I have always had a passion to help those in need.  After hearing about the great things that Great River Family Promise does in helping families who are experiencing homelessness, I knew that I wanted to be part of this team.  I had no idea the problems of homelessness existed in my own community.  There are kids going to school each day with no home to call their own.  They don't have a warm bed to sleep in at night, or a place to feel safe.  I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our community and hope that when people hear about Give to the Max Day, they will consider donating to our organization.  There are homeless children counting on this organization to help them.  Thank you!

Quotes from former guests--

"Keep your head up and remember that we become successful because you push us and believe in us"

What do you like about GRFP?
"The friendly people and not having to stress about how to feed my family"
"The hope that it gave me and my family.  Brought us back to the church.  Gave us a home, not just a bed and a meal."
"Gave me the self worth to want to do better.  The tools to give my boys and I the best life possible.  Life skills, relationship building, and parenting help."
"Outpouring of love from the volunteers.  They truly cared for our family.  It gives the family a chance to stay together when going through hard times."
"You all have truly blessed our family.  I thank God for all of you.  Thanks for the care and love from each one of you."


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