Give for Healthy Fish at Great Lakes Aquarium!

We are appealing to you today to add a lifesaving tool to our care of the endangered sturgeons and all of the fish and critters at Great Lakes Aquarium.

We are in urgent need of an aquatic ultrasound machine in order to provide the best possible medical diagnosis and treatment of all of our animal friends!

One of the most common medical problems for female fish and reptiles are impacted eggs.  These can lead to a variety of medical complications and even animal death if not treated swiftly.  Specifically, we care for 28 Sturgeon of six different species which are not able to breed, but yet most will produce eggs.  They need to be checked periodically and also in emergency situations when impacted eggs are suspected or we find a lump or abnormality.

The only way to safely check for this is with a portable ultrasound machine.  Much like the human counterpart, the portable aquatic ultrasound machine is a noninvasive tool that will allow our medical team to get an accurate “picture” of what is happening inside the animal.  We can then develop a detailed treatment plan.  We are currently forced to rely on a traveling vet that has a portable ultrasound machine, but that can lead to several critical days delay and then weeks to get a follow up image.    

Sometimes our animal friends don’t have this time!

We need your help to acquire this important lifesaving technology at Great Lakes Aquarium.

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