You Can Become Part of Their Story

Alisha grew up with her family’s mindset “You can do anything you want to do if you work at it. If someone tells us that something is impossible, we say, ‘we’ll see about that.’”

Born with cerebral palsy, Alisha uses a wheelchair and pursues a life of self-reliance, figuring out a different way to accomplish her goals. Alysha is determined to live a life of independence. After finding housing and services options in other locations that were less than ideal, her name rose to the top of Accessible Space Inc.’s waiting list. She now lives in a fully accessible, affordable apartment in Minnesota and receives “housing with care” to live life on her own while getting her degree in elementary education.

“My life is finally settled,” says Alisha. “This a place I can call my own.”

Alisha is just one of over 3,000 others living in accessible, affordable "housing with care."  with brain and spinal cord injuries other physical disabilities, as well as seniors. Their stories are unique. Their need is the same.

You can help others with brain and spinal cord injuries, other physical disabilities, as well as seniors, by making a donation to Accessible Space, Inc.


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