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Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness

Working to protect, preserve, and restore the Boundary Waters Wilderness and Quetico-Superior ecosystem.

When you contribute to the Friends, you support our work to keep the BWCAW wild for generations to come.

Our work includes:
  • Research into issues that affect the Boundary Waters, including sulfide mining, climate change, and invasive species
  • Advocacy with federal and state agencies and lawmakers to ensure the highest levels of protection for the wilderness
  • Education for the public about the Boundary Waters, the threats to its wilderness character, and how they can help 
  • Developing the next generation of wilderness stewards through youth engagement programs
  • Collaboration with agencies, organizations, and communities neighboring the BWCAW to support sustainable economies that respect and support wilderness landscapes
Specific programs and projects include:
  • Expert analysis into plans and proposals for developments that would harm wilderness character and the health of the BWCAW ecosystem
  • Substantive input through formal comments and frequent communication with relevant agencies to give voice to the wilderness and its users 
  • Communication online and in print with our members and the public, celebrating the wilderness and driving grassroots engagement on issues that affect it
  • Science updates to engage members and the public in current research related to wildlife, ecology, and visitor use 
  • Media outreach to help journalists understand and accurately cover issues affecting the wilderness 
  • Internships and fellowships to support students in pursuing conservation and non-profit careers
  • Sponsored canoe trips to introduce youth to the joys of wilderness and inspire them to help protect it
  • Organizing and funding volunteers to give back to wilderness and provide campsite and portage maintenance
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