Family Values for Life

Together we build strong healthy families.

In our East Side neighborhood 96% of school aged children receive free or reduced lunches; 46% of our families live below Federal and State poverty guidelines. Food insecurity, poor nutrition and the lack of affordable housing, and high unemployment are major issues for our families. Unsupervised children and youth are out on the streets late into the night.  Aggressive gang recruitment and illegal drug sales in our neighborhood further undermine the safety of our children.

Family Values for Life provides family meals, parenting education and training, as well as free after school and summer programs for children and youth. We work with families to resolve the challenges of poverty and assist them in building and sustaining a stable family setting while crafting a more productive life.  We developed programs to address the major issues faced by low income families in East Saint Paul.

In 2016 thus far, Family Values for Life has served over 3,000 individuals, and over 800 families.

Our signature program, Jump Start to the New You, offers moms free workshops, resources, and mentoring needed to make constructive life changes to improve their health, mental and financial stability. We work with over 40 collaborative and community partners in getting our families the resources they need for success. Child care, homework tutoring, and a family meal is provided during these classes giving moms a safe space, healthy for their kids!

On the East Side, we are best known for our Annual Back To School Event. Every September we host a community celebration of the children’s return to school and a resource fair for low income families in East Saint Paul.  We distribute free backpacks filled with school supplies for the children's new school year. See this year's pioneer press article about the event:

Your donation is helping us to build STRONG, HEALTHY FAMILIES on St. Paul's East Side! 

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