Elder Network

Individuals impacted by the limiting effects of aging have an optimal quality of life.

“His world became smaller and smaller as he withdrew into himself. As a result, my world was becoming increasingly depressed and lonely. My anger was consuming me. I was about to give up.  I made the phone call that changed our lives.”
Elder Network former client and current Elder Network volunteer

Are you caring for a parent or spouse?  Do you have a neighbor who needs assistance? Do you have a co-worker who is missing work because of a chronic condition?  Do you have clients who are experiencing signs of dementia?   For the past 28 years, Elder Network has identified and served at-risk seniors and their families.   We know that not all seniors are in need of services, but those who are impacted by the limiting effects of aging need to be supported.  Elder Network wants, and more importantly, needs to be there for them. Our community needs Elder Network services to help address these needs.  We at Elder Network believe that by giving individuals the proper tools and resources, they will be better equipped to live independently in their homes longer and safely delay nursing home placement.  This is a major benefit to the individuals, their families and the community at large both from a moral, social and economic standpoint. 

Our programs continue to have a higher demand than we are currently able to support.  The number of seniors in need of services in our community is at a critical point.  We are about to cross a demographic landmark of huge social and economic importance, where the proportion of the population 65 and over is set to outnumber children under five for the first time in our countries history.  “The graying of the American homeowner is upon us.  The question is:  Will communities be ready for the challenges that come with that:  The number of households headed by someone age 70 or older will surge by 42 percent from 2015 to 2025.  Harvard researchers note that a majority of those households will be aging in place, not downsizing or moving to retirement communities.  That will have implications for an array of support services people will need as they age.” (MSN Business article 7/10/2014).

We are asking for your donations, in order to support the immediate unmet needs of seniors and their families.  Services include:  In-home Respite, Caregiver Training & Support including Support Groups and one-on-one Caregiver Coaching, Companion Services, Peer Support, Education and Senior Advocacy. 


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