To provide quality string education and performances.

Have you been influenced by the power of music? Do you know someone who has? Please consider donating to Eden Prairie String Academy on  Give to the Max Day!

Dear Friends,

Don’t Settle for Good Enough; STRIVE for EXCELLENCE has been the motto of the Eden Prairie String Academy (EPSA) for the past several years. EPSA members are continually challenged to go above and beyond their goals in their daily practice, their weekly ensemble work and their performances. 20 years ago EPSA was created to provide quality string education for students to explore and expand their orchestral experience through lessons and ensemble opportunities. 

Our students have gone on to be professional musicians, educators and leaders in a wide variety of fields. I strongly believe the discipline needed to play a musical instrument sets the foundation needed to be successful in any field of study. 

EPSA hopes to raise over $10,000…more than double from last year on Give to the Max Day 2017 and we’re counting on your help! This is our #1 fundraiser each year. By making a donation on Give to the Max Day, your donation could be selected to have an additional $1000 added to it by winning a Golden Ticket.  Each donation we receive on November 16th, gives us a chance at winning one of the 25 Golden Tickets available. If you are considering a $100 donation, think about 4 $25 donations to help us increase our chances. Donate early and often! _ All donations go directly to our student programing!!

At the end of Give to the Max Day, one donation from across Minnesota will be randomly selected for a $10,000 Supersized Golden Ticket! Help us increase our odds by making your gift on November 16th by visiting www.GiveMN.org and searching for Eden Prairie String Academy!
Please don’t forget to check and see if your company offers matching grants. Every year we get several very nice matches! Follow us on Facebook so you can share in the excitement of the giving day and remember to give November 16th.


Michelle Persian
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