Maximize the value of your gift to ESLC

East Side Learning Center has several timely matches totaling $40,000 from the Otto Bremer Foundation and the Katherine B. Andersen Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation. 
  • All gifts to the Sister Audrey Children's Reading Fund in honor of Sister Audrey Lindenfelser, SSND, will be doubled by the Katherine B. Andersen Fund. 
  • Dollar for dollar, every gift from new donors are doubled. 
  • Dollar for dollar, contributions from lapsed donors who have not given for a year or more are matched. 
  • Dollar for dollar, the increased portion of contributions from those who donated last year are doubled. 

Help us reach our goal to raise $50,000 and receive all of the matches by the end of 2017!

The Twin Cities United Way recently cut all Literacy Tutoring funding, including a grant for East Side Learning Center amounting to one-third of our budget. Your gift today ensures we can continue to provide high-quality tutoring for our most vulnerable children.

Solid reading skills lay a foundation for future success:

Research shows the importance of reading by 3rd grade. The National Research Council states that "a person who is not at least a modestly skilled reader by that time is unlikely to graduate from high school” (Snow, Burns & Griffin, 1998).

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