Duluth-Superior Symphony Association dba Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra (DSSO)

Our mission is to deeply move and engage as many people as possible with the power of symphonic music. Thank you for your gift!

Your Donations

Have you ever wondered exactly how the DSSO uses donations? Donations provide the funding required to operate a large professional orchestra, which in turn enhances the quality of life for every resident in our region.

Your money is spent on:

  • Music Performance: Your gift will be used to fund orchestra rehearsals, sheet music, hall rental, and musicians’ fees. All of these things are essential to bring symphonic music to life for our audiences.
  • Youth Education: In order to build the audiences of tomorrow, the DSSO must reach out to the youth of today. Your gift will be used to fund Young People’s Concerts, the Lollipop Concerts and hands-on instrumental music instruction through the DSSO Youth Orchestras teaching and performances. Education is also supported by donations that allow us to offer reduced-priced student tickets.
  • Operations: Behind the scenes, a symphony has many needs. Your gift will be used to fund administrative costs—everything from marketing our concerts to buying paper for the copy machine!



Any amount will help enrich the community with music.  Thank YOU!!!

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