DAS needs YOUR help! Help us fund our projects!

DAS needs YOUR help to fund two important projects.  One of these projects would help us to expand education and outreach into the classroom with the purchase new birding education and conservation kits for use in elementary and middle school classrooms.  Our other project, the printing of a new and improved Duluth / Superior Birding Map, would be used to promote birding and conservation activities within our community.  Learn more about these projects below!

Youth Education Kits

The Duluth Audubon Society has made the youth education kits available for use by students for over twenty years.  These kits allow teacher to take birding and conservation from the classroom to the outdoors.  High demand and the number of useable kits limit use to one classroom for one week at a time.  In order to expand our education outreach and enhance the learning experience, we want to purchase additional kits making them available to a larger number of students.  We would also like to replace some existing kits which are no longer usable.)  Bird watching is fun, educational, and a great way to promote outdoor activities.

DAS can purchase the individual items needed to create a learning kits.  Each leaning kit contains binoculars, birding guide, audio diskette, workbook and tote bag.  Costs for various components are $100 for new binoculars, $8 for the birding guide, $8 for an audio diskette, $5 for a student workbook, and $5 for the tote bag $5.  Every donation, no matter the amount, will help us to reach our goal. 

Duluth/Superior Birding Map

DAS needs to reprint its highly regarded Duluth /Superior Birding Map which is made available free of charge to birders, visitors, local organizations and the general public.  The Duluth area boasts one of the most diverse bird watching spots in Minnesota and the mid-west, with sightings of over 24 species of warblers and boreal specialties like the Great Grey Owl, Boreal Chickadee, and Spruce Grouse, and over 16 species of migrating raptors.  Our first printing of 5,000 birding maps was a success and was quickly exhausted. This was followed by a second printing of 2,500 maps.  But, now these too are in short supply. DAS distributes the maps without charge at many popular bird watching sites, such as Hawk Ridge, Thompson Hill, Visit Duluth, and Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center.  Our goal is to print 5,000 new and updated birding maps.  Once again, every donation, no matter the amount, will help us towards this goal.

THANK YOU for supporting the Duluth Audubon Society!

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