Cuyuna Range Youth Center

The Cuyuna Range Youth Center is making a difference every day by providing a safe, fun place for the youth in our area.

Some teenagers come to the Youth Center to feel safe, or because they are hungry, or to be with friends, or to share their lives with the staff. We probably know more about what goes on in their lives than do some of their parents. Where would these kids be without the Cuyuna Range Youth Center? Many of them on the streets. In trouble.

During the school year, the average daily youth count is over 30 at the Youth Center. The Cuyuna Range Youth Center registered over 5000 visits last year. The Youth Center is open every month of the year to all students in grades 7-12. Grades 5-6 are also served the first and third Monday of every month during the school year from 3:00-5:00.

Students are often involved in activities like basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, pool, music, and computer games. Students also participate in several highly successful educational and community driven programs. We offer a wide variety of intergenerational and community service programs designed to bring the community, our seniors, and the youth together for their mutual enrichment.

We have a very unique "Reward Program", a Progressive Youth Leadership Development Program, that challenges and inspires the youth in our community to achieve higher goals that leads to better futures for themselves while being connected to and giving back to the community in which they live.

Our struggle to survive at the Cuyuna Range Youth Center is not unique. In cities across America teen centers survive month-to-month. We need your help to continue to offer these kids a sense of purpose and connection. We have been changing and improving the lives of our youth and the pride of our community for over 15 years, with your help and support we will continue to do this important work.

Our success is due to all the wonderful, dedicated people behind the youth center, and to all the caring, loving people in the community that have donated their time and money to help keep the dream alive. We are very appreciative for everything you have done, are doing and will continue to do. Our special thanks to the Hallett Charitable Trust  for their continued matching grant of $10,000. 

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