Compatible Technology International

We fight hunger poverty by equipping communities in Africa with innovative farming tools, training, and the chance to transform their lives.

Compatible Technology International (CTI) is a nonprofit dedicated to ending hunger and poverty in Africa by equipping rural communities with innovative farming tools, training, and access to markets. We help farmers, primarily women, produce an abundance of nutritious food, bring their crops to market, and transform their farms into prosperous enterprises.

Our tools help communities process their crops more efficiently while reducing their drudgery and wasted food. Entrepreneurial groups in more than 50 countries around the world are using our grinder to run small businesses. In West Africa, farmers are increasing their grain yields with help from our pearl millet thresher. And in Southeast Africa, we’re introducing a new set of tools for harvesting and processing peanuts. With these tools, communities can produce shelled nuts in days instead of months, so they have more high-quality peanuts to eat and sell.

We work with partners on the ground in Africa to support local manufacturing, and to help rural communities access financing and business training. And globally, we collaborate with a number of organizations that use our technology to promote their local development efforts.

Our technologies, along with the training we provide, create a ripple effect in the communities where they are placed—giving families better nutrition, the time to pursue educations, and the means and skills needed to start micro-enterprises.

Your compassion and support today will have a profound impact. But don’t take our word for it; hear what the farmers and our partners have to say:

“I am proud. As a woman, I am proud to be a leader and to have respect in my community. I’m proud that I don’t need to ask for help, I earn money and take care of my family with the CTI grinder.” – Aissatou, farmer, Senegal

“The people in the surrounding area are thrilled. You have saved LIVES by giving these young men and women a way to make money.” - Bette Gebrian,  Haitian Health Foundation

“We will be making hot cocoa to distribute at makeshift shelters in Limonade and will use this new tool to make more hot cocoa to sell locally. This is not relief, but development and empowerment.” Gabrielle Vincent, Sonje Ayiti, Haiti

"This grinder has allowed the women to be employed. It has given them the opportunity — for most of them, the first opportunity in their lives—to earn money and to have some income to put towards their family's needs." – Roger Kemerait, University of Georgia Guyana Peanut Project, Guyana

Donated funds cover CTI's work that supports tools, training, follow-up, manufacturing, and oversight for all of our programs in Africa. Donations also support the administrative overhead required to advance this work. 

We have the tools to help everyone rise above poverty. Let’s grind out hunger today.

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