CONTEMPO PHYSICAL DANCE invigorates audiences through a dynamic Afro-Brazilian contemporary dance fusion.

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Our new production, Balacobaco, premieres Brazilian Carnival weekend:

February 24 - 25, 2017 at the Cowles Center in Minneapolis

Celebrate Brazilian Carnival weekend in style with an electrifying world premiere by Contempo Physical Dance. Balacobaco means "extraordinarily beautiful" or "an animated and noisy party." Balacobaco will be more than a performance, it will be an experience. We will invite you to jump out of your chair and dance along and this work will leave you feeling alive and energized.

About Contempo Physical Dance

Contempo Physical Dance is a non-profit professional dance company based in St. Paul, Minnesota that is recognized for its dynamic Afro-Brazilian contemporary dance fusion. The company is dedicated to contemporary dance research, the creation of vibrant new movement, and the performance of dance works that challenge human physicality and invigorate audiences everywhere. Artistic director and choreographer, Marciano Silva dos Santos, is a native of Brazil and came to the United States after being recognized by the American Folkloric Society as a culturally diverse artist of exceptional merit.

Our programs have:

  • Inspired thousands of K-12 students at student matinee performances and in-depth two and three week residencies at their schools
  • Challenged dance students at local and regional colleges and fostered their professional growth through their performance of Contempo repertoire
  • Provided dancers over the age of fifty with the opportunity to perform in a dynamic contemporary Afro-Brazilian dance work
  • Invigorated audiences in the Twin Cities through world premieres performances of six full-length works: Motiro (2012), Batuque (2013), SenZalma (2014), Vulcão (2015), Cool Play (2016) and Merge (2016)
  • Connected audiences to the international dance community and situated St. Paul as a pioneering site for the creation of contemporary dance of the African Diaspora via Contempo's international residency and commissioning program
  • Delivered contemporary Brazilian dance to other areas in our region (Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota). 

Everywhere the company goes they engage genuinely with the community in deep and meaningful ways. For more information visit: 

What Audiences, Critics, Presenters, Teachers & Students Are Saying About Contempo Physical Dance

"The biggest reason I want to go see the show is the pure authentic Afro-centricness of it. The live music and Brazilian drumming that you hear is going to make it so that you can’t just sit politely and wait to clap at the end of the show. You’re gonna join in, you’re gonna shout, you might even sing. This is going to pull that out of you in a real authentic way.” ANTHONY GALLOWAY, Minnesota Public Radio Art Hounds

“Contempo Physical Dance is an ensemble of graceful, innovative and athletic dancers. They brought fantastic dance to Orange City, they brought another culture's art to a small town, they touched many people here." JANINE CALSBEEK, Orange City Arts Council

“I have a dance student who is struggling academically, and recently also with behavior. He flourished during our residency with Contempo Physical.” TEACHER, St. Paul Public School

“While SenZalma explores a painful time in history — and its ripple effects into the present — the work also focuses on the process of liberation. There’s a frank assessment of the horror combined with the promise of hope, especially as the dancing takes on more air (literally) through bounding leaps and jumps. Wrongs cannot be undone, but survival is about transcendence, and this work achieves it.” CAROLINE PALMER, Star Tribune

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