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40+ Years of Effective Education and Exceptional Entertainment

At CLIMB Theatre our mission is to create and perform plays, classes and other creative works that inspire and propel people-especially young people-toward actions that benefit themselves, each other, and the community. Each year, CLIMB reaches over 150,000 students across the Midwest with our plays and interactive classes on topics like bullying prevention, empathy, and diversity.

While the scope of our work is broad, its effects are deep. A teacher from a First grade class compiled all of the thoughts of their students and together they wrote this story about CLIMB Theatre's visit to their elementary school: 

"Thank you for coming to do the Rudy Roo show for us.  We loved the body movements and expressions of your actors, especially when the koala tapped on Rudy and he jumped up and was startled.  We also loved learning all about respect and DISRESPECT!  We thought it was fun that you involved us and said “freeze” and we got to say “disrespect” and be involved in the show. We loved the tiger dancing with the trashcan and putting it on his head. The kangaroo thought the stool might talk and it made us giggle to see it by his ear. We loved watching you fix the littering disaster by sorting properly into bins. The children who got to go on stage really loved it.  The audience loved seeing their friends on stage too. We were very proud! Thanks for including us in all parts of your show.  It made our whole First Grade Class feel special!  We have been focusing on kindness at our school!  Thanks for helping us grow!"

Your generous donation helps us continue to propel people-especially young people- towards beneficial actions. 

For a better world!

Anton Jones, Artistic Director/CEO

Afton Benson, Managing Director

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