Citizens' Council for Health Freedom

YES! Affordability and Health Freedom are Possible!

November 1, 2017     

There's a critical battle taking place for the future of freedom.  

Will we have socialized medicine — or health freedom?

CCHF is working to secure a future of health freedom, and now is a very special time to support our efforts. 

It's "GIVE TO THE MAX" Day (GTMD) for all organizations located in Minnesota. A generous donor will match donations up to $20,000—until midnight, Thursday November 16! 

You helped us set a record last year on Give to the Max Day. Help us to do it again in the next 16 days! 

Our goal this year is to raise $75,000 by midnight on November 16. For each donation, CCHF receives DOUBLE the amount—up to a total of $20,000!

Will you give a gift to CCHF for GIVE TO THE MAX DAY

Please schedule your donation today. It will count for the November 16 GTMD match!

CCHF is a grassroots, boots on the ground group working in Washington DC, Minnesota and nationwide. Even if not repealed, we aim to empty Obamacare of its power and control. We'll work with Congress, but our plan to restore freedom to patients and doctors does NOT require Congress. It includes:

  1. THE WEDGE OF HEALTH FREEDOM®:  We're connecting patients to third-party-free doctors that provide affordable, confidential care to all patients, insured or uninsured. These practices—now 210 in 44 states— have no contracts with insurers or government—and none of the contractual expenses. Patients and doctors that want to escape back to affordability and freedom are finding each other in this "free-trade zone." CCHF created The Wedge to make that happen. It's free for patients and doctors at With patients asking for them around the country, you can support our work to get more and more practices on our "Find a Practice" map
  2. FREEDOM FOR SENIOR CITIZENS:  Today, seniors that want to keep their private insurance will lose access to their social security benefits. This executive instruction during the Clinton administration is not a law or a rule. It was done administratively and it can be undone administratively. Support our work with contacts in D.C. to restore freedom and choices to America’s senior citizens.
  3. EXPOSE´ ON HEALTH SURVEILLANCE: CCHF will soon publish a book that exposes the state of health surveillance and outsider controls in American medicine—and provides specific steps back to freedom and privacy. Help CCHF get this book printed and into the hands of millions of Americans by donating today.

CCHF is doing critical work NO ONE else is doing:

  • Educating Americans - Health Freedom Minute on over 800 radio stations in 47 states
  • Telling the Truth about HIPAA’s “NO-Privacy” Rule - and activating patients
  • Stopping state government storage/use of "Baby DNA" and unconsented federal research 

Schedule your donation today...or give before 12:00 midnight November 16!

Our critical work to restore the free-market needs your support! Please DONATE today!


In freedom,

Twila Brase, RN, PHN, President and Co-founder

Citizens' Council for Health Freedom

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