Affecting lives, everyday!

CHUM is a place where community members can find a caring person, or two, willing to help them through a housing crisis that ends up in homelessness, or to get food to feed their families, or help with supporting families with out a place to live. 

We do make a difference, every day, in someone's life!

When a person has worked through the issues that brought them to be homeless and they are moving into a new home, we celebrate with them that huge accomplishment. So far in 2017, in a very tight housing market, we have helped 206 individuals and 12 homeless families move form homelessness to housed!

This week we are going to be giving out Thanksgiving groceries to 250 families so they can celebrate Thanksgiving with their families and friends. But more than that, our FRESH PRODUCE distribution over the past 16 months has been 51,127 pounds. That is the most fresh produce we have ever given out through our food shelf.

At the Steve O'Neil Apartments we provide assistance to 44 families who were homeless when they arrived. Our programs there include a Mom's and Babies group,a licensed Preschool, after school programs, monthly birthday parties and literacy nights. But most importantly, we are helping children get to school and helping parents to find the resources they need to support themselves and their families. One of the big surprises for us, was when we saw families become stable and parents become healthy, they have reunited with their families whom could not support them due to making harmful decisions. Grandparents and aunties are now re-uniting with their loved ones and are supporting them and their children. One grandmother said, "I didn't ever think I would have a good relationship with my daughter. Since she has moved in to the Steve O'Neil Apartments she is thriving and I am blessed to be back in her live and my grandson's life."

CHUM is a force that works with organizations throughout our community to advocate for those with unstable lives. Please give today.

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