To spread teachings of Vedanta-Hindu religion/philosophy


Our Fundraising Goal this year


This year we want to raise $75K which will be primarily used towards loan repayment. The ultimate goal is to repay loan as fast as possible, thus saving substantial funds in interest payment.


To spreads teachings of Vedanta-Hindu religion/philosophy.

The Chinnmaya Mission Twin Cities Center (Chinmaya Ganapati) was officially formed in May 2002. However interested individuals and families had been carrying out activities for 4-5 years prior to 2002. Currently there are over 150 families actively involved in various activities. Mision operates from two locations - Chaska and St Paul.

The activities of the center fully depend upon volunteer work by its members. Currently, the Center is engaged in conducting the following activities;


Classes are conducted for school age children, for 2 hours every week during the school year. There are also presentations and celebration of important festivals, events. Balavihar is for kids age pre-schoolers thro grade 12.

The class is  divided into:

Assembly (Common)

Classes begin with common assembly in which children learn and recite various shlokas selected from Hindu scriptural texts. 

Religion/Cultural Classes

After the Assembly, children group into appropriate age groups and learn more about Hindu culture and scriptures. It is done using stories, art projects, skits, open discussions etc.

Language Classes

After the cultural class, students (Ages 5 & above) regroup to learn a language of their choice. Currently Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Telegu languages are taught. The empahsis is given on learning conversational speech.

Summer Camp
In spring or summer every year, the Center conducts a camp for children on a selected theme. In the camp, children learn more about Hindu culture, benefit from experts’ knowledge and experiences and develop friendship with other like-minded children. Visiting Swamis, Brahmacharis and Brahmacharinis from other mission centers conduct the camp with help from volunteers.

Adult Study Groups
Interested individuals meet while the Bala Vihar classes are in session. In an hour-long session, participants study and discuss various Vedanta literature as well as ways of practicing the ideas and knowledge learned.

Jnana Yajnas (Discourses)
The Center invites various Acharyas, Brahmacharis and Brahmacharinis from Chinmaya Mission to deliver discourses on Vedanta literature. These lectures are free to all people (members and non members).

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