Children's Shelter of Cebu

Your contribution provides a loving home to 90 orphaned children in Cebu City, Philippines.

This little boy with glasses came to live at CSC in April last year. He spent the first six weeks of his life in a government hospital after his mother decided she was unable to provide for him. He was becoming increasingly malnourished. Our social worker tried for weeks to get him released into our care, but the hospital staff said he needed to weigh at least two kilograms before they would discharge him. He was wasting away, and we feared he would die before they would let us take him.

Eventually our persistence won, and we were able to bring this beautiful child to CSC. He began gaining weight as he responded to love and regular feedings, and he continued to grow. He is developmentally delayed but is making progress. Recently, he started walking! His first steps were witnessed by cheering aunties, houseparents, and other children who were rooting for him.  

We had his vision tested and learned that he needed eyeglasses. His walking has already improved since he started wearing them. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to provide the care and interventions this child needs to be healthy and to reach his full potential in life.

As we approach the final giving season, we still need to raise over $598,000. If you help us meet this goal with a donation, know that your gift will be used for life-changing food, medicine and glasses, as well as the love and emotional support that CSC is known for. In your own way, you will be cheering him on with us! Thank you for being a part of his life and the lives of the 78 other children at the shelter right now who need our help.

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