Help open doors to a better future in Central Minnesota

One of the most touching moments for those of us involved with Habitat is the moment a child opens the door to their new home, for the first time - and runs to find their room. A place to call their own, a place to be safe and warm. A place to belong. 

Over Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity's 29 years, 322 children have moved into Habitat homes in Central Minnesota. Our mission has endured for nearly three decades because decent, affordable homes open the doors to safety, stability, and opportunity for families who live in them, and especially the children who grow up in them.

In 2018, we are thrilled to start sharing the stories about these kids now, as young adults. These are stories of success, stories of children who walked through new doors of opportunity, otherwise unavailable, because they grew up in a safe and secure home. 

70% of Habitat Partner Families are children. Children of homeowners are more likely to stay in school, earn better test score, and have fewer behavior problems. Simply put, kids who don't have to worry about where they'll sleep tonight are kids who can focus on their education and their future. 

Brady, age 17, said, "The Habitat home has opened up a lot of recreational opportunities for me. I now have access to a wonderful biking trail that spans almost 13 miles, a beautiful waterfall no more than a 5 minute bike ride away from home, and the entire city to enjoy whenever I want to get out and enjoy the weather." Brady has enlisted in the National Guard and will be serving after he graduates from high school this spring.

This year, we'll be working side-by-side with our Partner Families and volunteers to build 2 new affordable homes across Great St. Cloud, which will become the launching pad for the futures of 9 children in our community. 

As these families open the doors to their new homes, they step into a life of stability and opportunity, where many break the cycle of poverty. Can we count on your help?

Affordable Homes

We continue to work with local, hard-working families to help make their dreams of homeownership a reality. This winter, four partner families will purchase Habitat homes and become Habitat homeowners. 

The end of the journey not only means purchasing a home - it also means safety, stability and security. Homeownership allows families the space to eat dinner as a family. One of our partner families doesn't have the kitchen space in the apartment to allow the whole family to eat together. 

Homeownership enables families to have financial freedom. Partner families sometimes pay up to 60% of their income on housing. Habitat houses are purchased with a zero-interest mortgage at no more than 30% of the family income. 

Homeownership means a lot to each and every one of our partner families. 

We need your help to make these families' dreams, and the many more hardworking families in Central Minnesota, come true. Your gift, of any size, will help make dreams come true. 

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