Center for Victims of Torture

Give a Gift of Hope

Your gift gives hope to survivors like Esme. 

Esme had been detained for one month because of false accusations of political involvement. She was repeatedly raped and beaten during that time. A family member was able to help her get to the U.S. on a visa to escape.

When she came to CVT, Esme was separated from seven of her children. She was not able to talk during her therapy sessions; she could only cry and was barely able to function. The torturers had broken her body, mind and spirit.

As Esme developed trust with her CVT clinicians, she was able to process more of her experiences. She began to display a wider range of emotions on her face, and was more relaxed and engaged in her sessions. She obtained asylum in the Unites States, and was finally, after five years, reunited with her children.

Esme has reclaimed these pieces of herself. She now arrives at CVT with her eldest daughter and a beaming smile; a reminder of how profoundly far she’s come.

Please help others like Esme heal and regain their lives by giving today. Please know that we are deeply grateful to receive whatever level of support you can provide. 

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