Our Mission: Create and nurture a park at Cedar Lake with a thriving nature preserve and connecting trails and greenways

The Cedar Lake Park Association (CLPA) is a volunteer citizen group responsible for creating a 48-acre addition to Cedar Lake Park and for driving planning, funding and construction of the Cedar Lake Regional Trail.  The Cedar Lake Regional Trail is a 4.5 mile bikeway.  Considered America's first bike freeway, it features two paved lanes for bike traffic and one for pedestrians. 

CLPA is also responsible for on-going stewardship of the trail and surrounding park land.  Planted and maintained as native prairie, the park is an urban oasis providing recreational opportunities and important wildlife habitat.

New challenges confront the trail and surrounding park land.  Development of the Southwest Light Rail Transitway (SWLRT) through the park, intersecting the trail, will have a significant impact on the quality of the park and trail experience and the character of the surrounding neighborhoods.

CLPA supports a grade-separated crossing at the confluence of the Cedar Lake Regional Trail and the SWLRT, based on the following design principles:

1. Safeguard human life, protect the water quality in Cedar Lake, and enhance the wildlife habitat, habitat connectivity, and the quality of natural environment.

2. Minimize any negative impact on people's experience of Cedar Lake Park and parklands.

3. Maintain neighborhood and regional access to Cedar Lake Park, Cedar Lake Regional Trail, Kenilworth Trail, and Midtown Greenway.

4. Minimize the intrusiveness of temporary and permanent changes to the environment of Cedar Lake Park and parklands.

5. Mitigate unavoidable changes in the environment with investments that provide exceptional value to the goal of nurturing nature.

6. Design the Greater Cedar Lake Park stations so that they are compatible with a park setting and the aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Support CLPA's continued efforts to advocate for the park and trail.


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