Canine Inspired Change connects and empowers vulnerable youth through the healing power of dogs.

Canine Inspired Change (CIC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving vulnerable youth the social-emotional tools they need to be active participants in their schools—and their communities. Our work helps these remarkable young people transcend trauma, social struggles and isolation by sparking meaningful connections with dogs, volunteers—and each other.

Our community partners include elementary, secondary, and high schools in the Twin Cities (emotional behavioral disabled youth; trauma survivors).  

We happily serve people overcoming any kind of life challenge, and we know the healing and loving power that working with dogs brings our participants. 

Thank You Matching Donors!
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"Danielle, thank you for your role in getting a therapy dog into my office (Rascal!). I am very familiar with the impact that service and therapy dogs can have on improving people's lives. Your work with Canine Inspired Change has surely touched the hearts and inspired many to overcome personal challenges, and we are lucky to have such a fantastic program in Minnesota. Keep up the great work." Senator Al Franken

"I have a professional connection to this amazing group!!  I have seen CIC change the lives of  many young people I work with.  I have been able to participate with CIC, and the awesome programming they offer individuals with disabilities.  CIC has worked to strengthen and increase the self esteem of many young people, who struggle day to day with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges.  This wonderful program and even more, amazing therapy dogs work to offer a safe and comfortable environment, where our young people are able to connect, inspire, and form relationships and bonds that support them day to day, and into the future.  It has been truly inspiring to be able to see transformations week to week, and the pride each individual feels from relationships they have built with their  therapy dog, and  skills they have learned and demonstrated.  I feel so grateful for work we have been able to do with CIC, therapy dogs, and outstanding volunteers!" -Sara Nuahn, Licensed Social Worker

"I work at Transition Plus with adults with Special Needs.  We have been involved with Canine Inspired Change since it's inception. Our students talk about the benefits of the program all of the time - even the students who do not communicate much can't stop talking about the power of this program.  Canine Inspired Change has helped them to gain adult skills that they will remember and use often in their future.  The therapy dogs have a unique and positive effect on everyone.  There is no substitute to the joy and learning opportunities that this program provides." - Lisa Loeding, Licensed Social Worker

"I have had the fortunate experience to be involved with CIC as a therapy team member and also as the coordinator for this program at a Minneapolis School.  The children I work with struggle daily with unregulated emotions and negative behaviors from traumas they have experienced.  Danielle, these amazing dogs and the superb CIC volunteers have made a world of difference to these children.  It's been so inspiring to see the changes in my students and I can't describe the feeling of watching them get the chance to perform for their peers." - Kelly Watson, Licensed Social Worker

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