Building Blocks provides quality housing in areas where there is a need and positive programming for youth and families.

Building Blocks was founded by former NBA basketball player and Minneapolis native, Devean George.  The inspiration for Building Blocks is the great need for the well-deserving youth and families in North Minneapolis.  Historically North Minneapolis was a thriving community with stable housing, flourishing businesses and high employment rates. Now North Minneapolis has become associated with urban blight and high unemployment.  Approximately 30% of households in North Minneapolis are living below the poverty guidelines with many residents on public assistance programs.  Our goal is to create a stronger community with safe and affordable housing options. In order to achieve revitalization of the area, we need to increase income diversity, housing options, improve business districts, and better prepare individuals and families with working skills through education and training. We are working to build a community of strong partnerships which supports a healthy and growing community in North Minneapolis.

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