Bridges of Hope

Your gift will bring hope to a family in need this year.

Have you ever felt that something--anything--just had to give?

Kristine, a single mother of three with another one the way, knew that somthing had to give. She needed rest and support in order to organize her home and get ready for her baby.

Bridges of Hope was able to set up ongoing Respite care for Kristine's three children - a once-per-month, scheduled break for Kristine to care for herself, shop for groceries, and clean her home. When little Jeffrey was born, Kristine used the time to connect one-on-one with him while her other children were in care.

Thanks to you, Bridges of Hope was here when Kristine turned to us for help. During our fall "I Hope" campaign, would you consider a year-end gift of $25, $50 or even $175 to support our work?

We are able to assist a household for just $175 on average. Between now and December 31, we are seeking to raise $60,000, enabling us to serve over 300 additional households in need! Thank you for helping Bridges of Hope make a difference in the lives of individuals just like Kristine. You are truly the reason are able to extend hope to others.

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