Bridges of Hope

Thank you for helping Bridges of Hope make a difference in our community!

At its core, Bridges of Hope was created to bridge gaps in our community, and one way we can do that is through a mentoring program for women, called Side by Side. Here are a few examples of what past support from our donors has meant for those women:

Candice now has a full-time job at a local retailer--the first job she has held in 8 years.
Jennifer, a single mom of six, has remained clean from meth for 2 years now, and she also works full-time: this woman gets up every day in the early morning hours to ensure she has some "me time" before she heads to work.
Lois, a veteran, has had some ups and downs in her quest to remain sober since she completed treatment last year; but she is back on track once again and has maintained stable housing for six months now.

During our fall "I Hope" campaign, would you make a year-end gift of $25, $50, or even $175 to support our work with others just like Candice, Jennifer, and Lois? During the months of November and December, Bridges of Hope is asking generous donors such as yourself to help us raise our goal of $60,000, which will help us serve the many households (around 350!) who will reach out for help during these next two months. We are able to work with a household for just $175 on average.

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