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YOU can help end Domestic and Sexual Violence and homelessness in our children's lifetime, making our communities safe for all members!

Bluff Country Family Resources' vision is to create a non-violent world which affirms the rights and dignity of all individuals.  We fulfill this through our mission to provide community education, and non-judgmental confidential crisis intervention, advocacy, support, and resources to victims of domestic and sexual violence, child abuse and homelessness.” 

Here is one story:
Sarah and her daughter Angeline (names changed to protect identities) were referred to Bluff Country Family Resources (BCFR) and our Transitional Housing Program - June Kjome Place (JKP) through Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline, a referral network that assists people to get help, get safe, and get support. Their hotline staff refers caller to the nearest service that can assist a family. 

Sarah is a single parent of a beautiful 5 year old daughter named Angeline. Sarah's story starts like so many others, with occasional abusive situations that then slowly escalate. Sarah was able to withstand the abuse to maintain a family for her daughter. Over time, the controlling and jealous behavior became too much when the violent attacks became more severe and life threatening. The abuse became unbearable, when James, Sarah's Boyfriend, entered Sarah's residence while Sarah and her daughter were gone. When they returned Angeline changed her clothes and went into her mother's bedroom to look at herself in the mirror. She saw that the mirror was shattered and called out to her mother, Mom came running in and saw glass everywhere and her iron was laying in the glass on the dresser. She knew immediately who had done this so she reached for her cell phone and called James. She accused James of breaking the mirror and asked where he was, he replied "at your house"! She turned around and there he was in the room. He grabbed her by the neck and started strangling her. She pulled away and he caught her and pushed her head through the wall breaking a hole in the drywall. He kicked her in the face and Angeline screamed for him to quit and that he was "hurting mommy". He turned to Angeline picked her up, spit in her face, and then continued assaulting Sarah. It was then that a car pulled into the driveway. James ran out the door. Sarah was taken to the hospital with injuries to her face and neck. While there, she contacted Home Free in Minneapolis where advocates assisted her and Angeline. Sarah returned home after a few days, with her family helping to keep her safe. Things were fine until 2 months later, Christmas Eve, when her family stopped by to take Angeline out and Sarah was home alone. James showed up that evening, but Sarah was able to flee from her house. She contacted Day One Services and was referred to BCFR. 

Sarah and her daughter moved into one of our transitional housing units and have been living violence free since. Through the support of JKP's transitional housing program and BCFR's advocates, Sarah and Angeline have found peace in their new community. After being a participant in the program for 1.5 years, Sarah and Angeline moved into their home, which was partially furnished through program funds and by the generosity of her new community. Sarah worked with the program coordinator on a transition plan, setting goals such as getting a job to increase her income, learning how to budget and setting up a savings account. She also attended driver's education classes and continues to attend on-site support groups and parenting classes. Sarah found a steady job, got her driver's license and bought a used car. Her daughter, Angeline is attending a new school and both have a bright future, free of violence.


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