With your help, blind people can live independent lives.

He lost his mother, his home and his sight, but his positive attitude and our training helped him succeed.

Robbie Binns is a Jamaican immigrant who grew up in Brooklyn, New York with his mom.  Both were diagnosed with diabetes when Robbie was 13.   His mother died from diabetes related complications when Robbie was 22.  He went to live with his father in Boston.  He kept a positive outlook on life, and started attending college.  One day while heading to class, he passed out from high blood sugar. When he woke up in the hospital, his vision was blurry, and the doctors said he would eventually lose his sight.  He attended a rehabilitation center for the blind, but it was difficult for him to adjust to his blindness.  Robbie’s father blamed him for his blindness and diabetes  One day they got into an argument about Robbie’s need for help.  His father threw Robbie out of the house.  Robbie moved to a shelter and lived there for years.  But his case manager helped him find BLIND, Inc. 

Even though the state rehabilitation agency had doubts about his potential, Robbie’s positive attitude and energetic personality showed through in everything he did.  We taught him to believe in himself as a blind person. Under our tutelage, he learned to be independent, to read and write Braille and to use a computer with speech technology.  He learned how to cook and manage an apartment.  He learned to travel wherever he wanted using a long white cane. While attending classes at BLIND, Inc., he worked with our careers instructor to get a part time job at FedEx SmartPost (now part of FedEx Ground) in Maple Grove, Minnesota.  It was the first time he'd ever had his own money.  When he graduated, he moved into the first place of his own.  He's been at FedEx Ground for a year, is working five days a week, and is one of the most popular workers there. 

What does Robbie do?  He unloads semi trailer trucks.  Not exactly the sort of job you expect a totally blind person to do.  And he looks great in FedEx purple. 

The BLIND, Inc. Comprehensive Program gave Robbie the attitude and skills to live the life he wants.   He is as positive and energetic as ever and looks forward to going back to college soon. 

Our training transforms our students, giving them the self-confidence and life skills they need to achieve their life goals independently.  More than 90% of our students go on into employment, or into higher education and from there into employment.  Every donation you give helps us change the lives of blind people for the better.  Your generous contributions help blind individuals live the lives they want and become productive members of society.

Our training works, and so do our students!

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