We are excited to announce the creation of a “Basic Needs” endowment fund.

Created in a response to the economic downturn, the Basic Needs Fund addresses critical food, shelter and other basic needs. Food, shelter and other critical needs should not be on anyone’s wish list. Unfortunately for too many individuals and families within the Austin area over the past few years they have. The demand for such basic needs has put a strain on local nonprofits as they too have struggled to meet the increasing demand with their limited financial resources. Your Austin Area Foundation has created this fund to help those nonprofits address urgent food, shelter and basic needs that have grown over the past few years.

By having everyone contribute to their fullest extent we are able to provide much larger grants to local nonprofit organizations and create key partnerships with our schools, government, businesses and other local organizations.

But to make this dream a reality we need your help. Our local area agencies are stretched beyond capacity and have to turn people away each and every day. As a "community" foundation we embrace the challenge of becoming more of a neighborhood catalyst to provide additional support to our local nonprofits during the holiday season and throughout the year.


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