Providing access to the arts and the enrichment that it brings.

ArtReach is dedicated to providing enriching and meaningful art experiences to people of all ages and abilities. ArtReach’s primary focus is to share the arts with those who have limited access to the arts, but we have programs that serve people from all walks of life.  We envision a community connected through the healing power of art, and strive to provide diverse art experiences for the “non-artist” in a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere.

Through our community programs and partnerships with other local social-profit agencies, ArtReach is able to serve more than 1,000 people each year.  ArtReach is a pioneer in innovative, community-focused programming such as monthly Free Art Days for children, affordable continuing ed art classes for adults, summer arts camp, open studio time for aspiring artists, and our partnerships to provide healing art experiences for local support groups.

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